Hung by None

I always thought, if you tell the truth, then you couldn’t be punished,

But this time, the truth didn’t set anyone free.

Except, of course, the culprit of the sickening crime.

Which, in my book doesn’t make much sense.

This is how the legal system works, what we all fight for, you see.

The defendant is judged by a group of his peers,

And when he is found not guilty, it makes you wonder.

If a person is found not guilty, despite doing  these things,

Does that make the jury just like him?

I can’t remember it all clearly, but I thought the jury heard

me and understood. “He did it,” I said it loud and clear.

The victim was brave, the victim was bold, a victim no more.

But her pleas fell upon deaf ears, apparently.

The way I see it is, if you’re going to be a pedophile,

You’ll never be convicted, because American television has

Screwed over any victim of sexual abuse by convincing

The jury there isn’t enough evidence to convict a man.


As I sit here and think,
About all those people,
All the mean, selfish people
Who have taken from me,
Took my kindness,
Took my emotions,
Took my heart,
For granted,
I realize how wrong I was.
I never told them how
They hurt me.
How they killed my happiness
With their cruel state of being.
I never have said the words
That resonate inside of me.
To think I gave my best
To those who didn’t give two thoughts
About me,
I let them win.


Not anymore.
Not anymore.
They can’t hurt me anymore.
I am not a victim
Of my own